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Help with improving web Form email validation, etc.


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I am using this a modal window(jBox) - with a web Form in it, that requires the Form (just Name & Email) to be completed and Submitted in order to close the modal window - allowing access to the main page.

The Form uses this corresponding ../submit.php which this:

if (empty($_POST['name'])|| empty($_POST['email'])){
$response['success'] = false;
} else {
$response['success'] = true;

echo json_encode($response);

where, upon Form > submit, successfully shows 'error' if the Form fields are not populated, and 'success' when the Form fields are populated/submitted.

I'd like the Form to require a proper/valid email address and avoid spam and header injection
(maybe honeypot protection and implement a form of rate limiting (a single ip may not send more than x messages per day)).

Any assistance/guidance is appreciated


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