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onclick to open in frame

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I have a page that creates a pdf file the button saves the pdf to a file on my server then the onclick function i want to send the page to a frame called userframe. so Target=“userframe” i have tried putting this in different places in the code but it always opens up the page in a new tab ?

Do not get confused with id printbtn this is NOT to open print dialog its just a name to gave to css class.

my code

<a id =“savepdf” href="invoice.php?invoice_id=<?=$invoiceID?>"value=“Save This Invoice”><button class=“block” id =“printbtn” onclick =“window.open(‘https://www.mywebsite.com’)”;>Save Invoice</a>

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Use one <a>. If you want it to look like a button then make it look like a button. Then add a target attribute to it.

If that's still not working then post your current code. Everything that might be relevant. Not just the line with the link/button on it.

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