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Forums preventing sleep


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Anyone else noticing an issue where having the PHPFreaks forums open in the browser will prevent the computer from going to sleep with windows 10?  

Noticed that recently and checked with powercfg -requests and it seems whenever I have the forums open in a tab there's a request from the audio driver open that prevents sleep.  I'm assuming it's related to the notifications feature, even though I have that disabled afaik.

I don't use any other IPB based sites so no idea if it's just a bug with the software or what.  Request shows up with chrome, firefox, and edge so I don't think it's a browser bug.


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Windows 10 1909 here. I have sleep disabled (desktop computer) and powercfg says nothing is happening.
I normally have Chrome with the tab open, however most of the time the tab is in the background so eventually the forum stops polling for notifications (indicated by the pause ⏸ in the page title). And I do have desktop notifications enabled.

Obviously IPB itself can't tell your computer to not go to sleep...

What are your "advanced" power settings? Specifically under the Multimedia group. Here's mine:


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I think it may be this Firefox bug: Audio stream remains open when playback paused, preventing power saving/sleep

I re-checked chrome this time actually seeing if it would sleep vs just checking for the request and it did actually sleep.  It appears even though chrome causes the same audio request it does release it after a minute or so.  Firefox doesn't, so the system ends up staying on.

Not sure how IPB implements it's notification sound but I think it's triggering that bug.  Trying to figure it out in all the minified JS is something I don't really feel like doing.  I made a few attempts at re-producing it myself with <audio> or new Audio() but no luck.


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That does sound relevant.

Until it's fixed, you can turn off IPB's sounds through notification settings. Not sure exactly how it plays sounds - best guess being a temporary <audio> - but I think the "stream" term is a misnomer and it's more about the audio resource itself not releasing a sleep lock.

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Don't know if this is connected but recently I have been working with another Invision-powered site. When connected to either taht site or Freaks site (even if the tab is not current tab) my broadband upload speed is crippled, sometimes dropping below 1Mbps. Both these sites repeatedly have the same effect and I have not seen it happen on any other sites.

Prior to connection


Connected to https://www.foxestalk.co.uk or Freaks


On closing the Invision tab the speed returns to normal. It seems the Invision software permanently hogs the line.

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That is indeed an odd issue.   I can say that's not a problem I've experienced here.   Like requinix I struggle to think of a way such a problem could even happen without there just being some massive data stream going on in the background.

The best speculation I can come up with is something the form is doing ends up triggering some kind of rate-limiting rule on your ISP's network.

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