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The javascript is open source, but is the rest of this...


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When I access this link:

I see this:
"This camera was created with the single line of code below:"

<camera id='DemoCamera' data-app-id='63f9c870-72c4-0130-04c5-123139045d73'></camera>

I understand that the js that is being used there is open source from here:

So, I've downloaded that js and added a script link to that javascript on my html page.

But, I'm not sure where the camera id (DemoCamera) is referenced and don't know much about the data-app-id.

If I use this, am I using that company's code, or is that open source too:

<camera id='DemoCamera' data-app-id='63f9c870-72c4-0130-04c5-123139045d73'></camera>

I don't see DemoCamera or the data-app-id anywhere in the js or css.

I look forward to being enlightened/help.


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If you search for "app-id" in the code you'll see that UUID gets sent to the new_video() function, which makes API calls to www.cameratag.com.

Please, please, please, don't go finding Javascript code snippets out there and just copying them into your site without knowing 110% exactly what they do. That's the kind of mistake that results in lawsuits with terms like "monetary damages".

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No. Just because you found code posted somewhere on the internet does not make it open source.

You can make whatever changes you want but I expect you're going to have a very hard time making it work without using cameratag.com's systems and APIs.

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