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Honestly, one of the best layouts I have ever seen.  It immediately get's my attention, and leaves me in awe.  The background, the coloring, the font, the headers, the alignment (from my browser view), everything is 100% perfect, and just pulls your attention.  I literally looked over it 3 different time's, and found myself staring at it for several minutes, definitely an attention getter.

You did a great job, I am going to look through your css, try to get some tip's and tricks, if I had an image of this layout, and was asked to code it, it would take me 3 week's, atleast for this.  I want to see some of your techniques, and hopefully advanced my own css skills a bit, this is amazing.

Well done.
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[quote author=ober link=topic=119389.msg503287#msg503287 date=1168624027]
Just looked at the image... that's a hell of a job if you actually made that.

EDIT: Interesting design technique... I've rarely seen anyone center and then repeat.
Yea, I had to do that so that everything would line up correctly as with the .psd file.  I used a lot of opacity throughout different parts to keep the starfield theme.
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