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With or without quotes (external script)


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 a litle problem with my external script. It seem s like it is a difference with or without quote marks on values, depending on what kind of value there is/what it's for.
I cant remeber it was something like that. Below i have an example. Please feel free to copy it and write it how you would have done it.

div.copyright_box {
    max-width: "100%";
    max-height: "100%";
    font-family: Consolas;
    font-size: "11px";
    text-align: center;
    color: #000000;


h4.headline {
    text-align: "center";
    font-family: "arial";
    font-weight: "bold";
    font-size: "15px";
    line-height: "10";
    letter-spacing: "5px";

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9 minutes ago, Barand said:

Your biggest problem is the lack of closing curlies } after each style spec.

As for the quotes, do them the way that works.

Yes i can see i have left them out here. But back to my question. Is it with the quotes mark or with out them? If there depends on where and what, please tell me when to use them and when to not use them.

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Except for the occasional time when you "have" to use quotes, such as with font-family names that contain spaces (like "Comic Sans") or with url()s that contain unusual characters (especially parentheses), most people don't use them.

Definitely not for numeric values, like 100% or 15px. That's weird.

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Ok, so what you you are saying is that most people dont use the quote marks at all, but there is a standardization saying use them as you described for me?

Its easier for me asking here than reading through a lot of text on w3c or w3schools to find the ansver. So thank you for helping barand and requinix.

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