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W3 css with color value


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18 minutes ago, LeonLatex said:

Isn't it posible to set a w3-#000000 at all?

CSS classes is not some magical transformation thing where you put some mystical letters on your HTML and it mysteriously gains some supernatural attributes like "makes the text black". They aren't some special codes you enter into your keyboard to unlock secret powers on a webpage.

A class is a name. A simple name. And only a simple name.

w3-#000000 is not a simple name. It's got this placeholder at the end that says "okay, I put some thing in here, now insert that somewhere else". And that does not work.

Take some time away from memorizing the w3.css stuff to learn about what CSS is and how it works. Because w3.css is CSS. Not some fancy alternative to a prettier internet, but a bunch of pre-fabricated concepts that some people far out on the fringes of the world wide web decided would be Good Things™ that other people might want to copy.

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Maybe it's because w3-css is new to me, but the fact is that i know css wer y well from before. I am not in to css3 or w3 css, that i look at as a kind of containers with a lot of ready to use css scripts/syntax. I am the old school that like to have control over what i am doing and what is happening because of what i have done. I feel like i am loosing that control with w3-css. Because every thing is pre-made, but i have seen it like this is something i have to learn. So thats why i am strugling with this. At least, they could have left a little from the basic of CSS when making this (horse shit). I call it like that because i am loosing the control i am used to have before when i was working with this. But i still got it in me. I have some external .css files.

Or... there is a advantage with w3-css. Since we got so many platforms to relate to as developers, it is probably an advantage that we are spared a lot of extra work to have our sites to fit all over. We didn't need to do that before.  But beyond that ....
I wish you a good night requinix. I am tired and have to go to bed soon. It has bean a looooong day.

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I'm not versed in CSS frameworks for personal reasons, but is the w3-css you're talking about actually associated with w3schools.com? If it is, given the quality of the rest of the content I've seen on that site drop it immediately and move on to something else.

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2 hours ago, maxxd said:

I'm not versed in CSS frameworks for personal reasons, but is the w3-css you're talking about actually associated with w3schools.com?

Yes, that's exactly what I was talking about. You probably threw out some "words" I left out and say. I'm too careful to say too much here yet because I'm fresh in here and do not know where the line is laid. Besides, I have been away from the "subject" for too long to be able to engage in longer discussions about what is good or bad. It's too much new and too much to get acquainted with right away in addition to the fact that I struggle to remember what I could from before. It is 11 years ago and more than that since I was involved in development. I dont know if you guys understand what i mean sometimes, but some times i realy struggle. And that's why i am so happy to find this site with so many good programmers and developers that is not afraid telling a Norwegian man (who feels so stupid) soon 50 years old how to do it even though he some times ask to much. Thank you 🙂

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