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When daylight savings goes away

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I'm wondering what code modifications we will have to do if the government eliminates the changing of daylight savings in the USA in the fall of 2023.  I do not know if such a thing is hard coded into a php version or if it checks a global clock somewhere or what.  If it's hard coded into the php software, will we have to upgrade to a specific version at some point to accommodate for the USA change?  Or maybe this is something in the apache server instead and has nothing directly to do with php.

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The DST information would be part of the timezone database.  From what I can tell, PHP includes a bundled copy of this so you'd generally just update PHP to get an updated copy of the database.  There is a PECL extension you can use to update the database independently.  If you keep things up to date then there shouldn't be anything to worry about I believe.


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