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How to submit a form in php multiple times with a single submit button


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This is a form for generating fee invoice for students that are enrolled in the classes. 

Current Situation (Picture 2): If I submit the form, the invoice is created for a specific month only (Only 1 record). (In this case only for the month of August)

(Picture 3): This was done by filling and submitting the form 4 times for each month. 

I wanted to figure out a way in which I can generate fee invoices for more than just one month (August, September, October, November etc.) by submitting the form only once.

Appreciate your help,





Picture 3.jpg

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Without trying to decipher your pictures I will offer this.  A form is submitted from a page when a submit action occurs.  It only happens once.  Whatever is part of that form containing the submit action (button, input , js code) will be passed to the receiving script and that's it.  I would be wholly surprised if anyone else tells you of something else.

Does that give you something to consider?

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Now that you've read my post let's try something to clarify what you are trying to do.

Instead of trying to relate your current coding attempts to us  just try to tell us what you are actually faced with.  In English without reference to forms, submits, pages, fields or any other 'programming' references.  Just the facts.  As in Day 1 of your task assignment or whatever this is.

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You have a form which has been designed to produce invoices one month at a time - there is only the option to enter a singlw month image.png.57fd7678931f8cd6c8b0214f00c96d3b.png

First thing to do is redesign the form to allow the specification of multiple months. For example

  • a month menu allowing multiple selections, or
  • 12 checkboxes, or
  • have fields to specify number of months and starting month (4 months starting at August)

Then change the processing of the submitted form to produce the invoice records for those months.

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