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Website Critique...COSSG


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OK, I've asked for reviews for two previous layouts and styles, and I would have to agree that they sucked. But this time, the design looks a lot better, at least IMO.

It's a COSSG site - Competitive Online Strategy Simulation Game...I think I heard it somewhere, but considering my horrible memory, I could have made it up for all I remember!

Anyhoo, here's the link: [a href=\"http://amo.cheesy.ca\" target=\"_blank\"]http://amo.cheesy.ca[/a] - it shouldn't be slow loading, and if it is, I'll have to talk to my webhost...ahem, *cough*myself*cough*!

And for more styles/id's from the css in effect, click on Login and press 'Submit' when you're there. You'll see the message box there too.

Thanks all in advance!
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ehh... it's depressing. I like the main header graphic, but even that is very dark. I don't think there is enough contrast between the main background color and the menu background color. That menu should really stand out, and it doesn't.

The general styling otherwise is ok, but you really need some more/different colors. It also wouldn't hurt to see more of the content to get a better feel for how it all looks.

And despite your W3C banner, your site does not validate.
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OK, I've changed the colours a bit, but haven't got time to change the banner before, well, zzzzZZZZZZ....

Please rate the new colour scheme. For extra content, try the "Register" link or the "Login" link. You can also click 'Read More' on the homepage news articles.
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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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