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[SOLVED] PHP / MySql Website from scratch!

igor berger

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I doubt that! Still looks like off the shelve template site!


By PHP books? That is a good one! I guess, buy it, put it under your pillow, and in the morning you are a PHP guru!




But if he did do it from scratch, more power to him!

This is what this thread is about!


I still doubt it! His website looks a bit too generic, to be made from scratch in PHP!

Of course to set up simple includes are easy, but to make it really dynamic takes a lot of work!

For example how does he add new links to the Multimedia table?



Does he put them in by hand, or it is database back end module integrated? So, does he have a control panel where he logs in and adds new links to a module that is reflected in all pages that this module is displayed at?


PHP is a very powerful tool, but to get it to sing and dance requires a lot of work!

So most people go with off the shelf template, with its limitations and inablity to make modifications on the fly!

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Hi Igor,


PHPNuke is NOT being used. That template is mine. I did not buy it, I built it. I built four templates for the site. I built a custome admin panel to enter news, comics, action figures, etc.


You are making assumptions, inaccurate assumptions.


You can criticize the site all you want. But please don't lie about it.

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Here is a link to the old PHPNuke site, which is being dismantled:



see how after .com there is modules.php that is a PHPNuke setting, I am not using it. Also, look at the comics page, that is dynamic. The whole site is dynamic.


I was trying to be nice and give you feedback, if you want to throw stones... we can go there.


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No, please not at all!

My apology to you!


I did not come here to fight!


Thank you for posting your old site link! Because of your old site template is similar to mine, I was able to find the HTML bug in my header! I think I still have to fix an HTML bug in my left menu!


So, you are like me gave up on off the shelf template and decided to build your own!

Very good! Must have been a lot of work!


Did you design a content management module, or you do not want to go that far?

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I recommend to modify your robots.txt to

Disallow: /modules.php


Because you are being penalized for duplicate content, by Google and others!


Your home page is Google PR 3 and your other pages do not even have PR!


If you fix this problem, you will probably go to PR 4 on your home page, and you will get some PR on your other pages!


You should read Google's Webmaster guidlines. They talk about duplicate content and other things!

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After cleaning my Website extensively I came to realize, that besides having some left over tags and a few over sized middle templates there is nothing wrong with it, in terms of coding!


I looked at W3C standards and I found them constricting, so I rather follow looser Moziala standards!


I found a bug in Opera that makes table colors overlap on load!

In my opinion Opera is an archaic browser that is not set up for the dynamic reach HTML content!

It has a memory capacity constraint! That is why in Opera 7.0 www.yahoo.com shows a different page than in Mozila!


Okay, so you guys do not like my colors, you think I have too much material on each page and there are some small proportion problems with the templates, and some left over HTML tags!


But my Website works, it is search engine optimized, and it makes sales!

The PHP is strong and usefully implemented for the purpose needed!


So, from the name of this forum I thought this is about PHP!

But it looks like you care more about a few HTML bugs, that Mozial does not even hick up!

You care about colors and design!


So why is this forum called Phpfreaks.com ?


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Please do not end all your sentences with an exclamation mark. It doesn't read well.


That said; this is the Website Critique board. Yes, this is a PHP forum, but this particular board deals mostly with the GUI and it's design. That INCLUDES valid (X)HTML and CSS and cross browser compatibility.


Secondly, if you are not prepared to take critique, don't ask for it.


Finally, your site, from a design standpoint, SUCKS. The colour scheme is crooked, navigation a total mess and the total looks like a collage of newspaper advertisements. Oh, and spamming SERPs is not the same as SEO. Just thought I'd add that as you appear to be so proud of the fact that your site is Search Engine 'Optimized'.

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I forgot to add that generating pages to try and boost your pagerank will eventually get you BANNED from Google.


Let me put that in words you are more likely to understand:


"Less power to him!"


Don't try to convince me that you have 25k of valid content pages. You are spamming the SERPs, and to make it even worse you actually bother your visitors by exposing this visually.

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You are right. I am not proud of my Website. I am proud of my programming.


As to spamming SERPs I would disagree with you.

I do not have any key words that are not relevant to my Website.

I do not provide any information that is not relevant to my Website.


All the information is about product that our company sells!

So how is it spamming?


I did come for a critique, but I believe it is skued to design..


Yes I can make a Website with drop down menus and database search engine box, is that going to earn money for my company?


It will look great but no body will find the Website.


Maybe search engine's algorithm is flawed, because it rewards you based on text.


Even setting up a site map to all your pages does not give the pages the rank they deserve, as to when you link to them from the top page. Having a link to your site map from top page may not even get your pages indexed.


So as a developer, am I proud of this? No I am not. I am sad about this.

I am sad that I have to spend a lot of time writing out text about the products that we sell.

Is it Spam? No it is not, because I am describing the products that we sell.


So yes, I rather have a clean website with a nice design, I rather spend my time programming in PHP.

But life and economics are the fact!


So to state bluntly I am proud of my work.

Thank you for your professional critique.


Hopefully the next Website that I will build I will have a team of programmers and a budget to develop it and promote it, so it will be astatically and politically correct, adhering to all standards of the web community and Web 3.0


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Did you look at my pages? 25,000 pages of hotel data.

So how is it Spam?


Please get off or high and mighty horse.


I came to you from php.net, but I find this forum more like www.baby.com


Do you think you are high and mighty?

Why don't you show your work?

You are a PHP God?


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What do you think about this Website www.tripadvisor.com

Do you think they are spamming also because they have a lot of links?


Do you think www.travel.yahoo.com are also spamming, because they have tons of links?


Maybe I should send my comments about your forum to php.net and ask them to evaluate their link to your forum!


Or better than that I can do a write up about your insults and belligerence on www.businessweek.com


So, please do not threaten and insult me!


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The forum is vBulletin. That was already scripted, I just modified it to match the rest of the site. The cool thing is I was able to hack into it so users can sign in and remain logged in. This will allow them to comment on comics and vote on things in the near future.

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igor, 448191 pointed it out very well, loud and clear before. if you're gonna throw everyone's critique/comments back at them, then do not post your site for critique. it's not rocket science.


personally, your argument about making your website look good vs making it search engine friendly is not only flawed but just sounds like a pure excuse not to get stuck in. either way, it's not a place to argue with free help and other people's opinions.


either way, this topic is going way off and down a murky road and is now...



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