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Count in order


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ok i need the little code to could the users in order i have the

the data already being displayed from the database but I want it in order on how the user joins like look how it goes






I want it to go







and keep in that order I displayed the database like


$query="SELECT * FROM bl_admin ";




1 	-username-
14 	-username- username@hotmail.com
7 	- username- username@hotmail.co.uk
8 	-username- username@yahoo.com
9 	-username- username@gmail.com
10 	-username- username@yahoo.com
11 	-username- username412@aol.com
12 	-username- username@hotmail.com
13 	-username- username@yahoo.com


also I want to count the users in the database like


You have XX registered users.

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Let's assume your table looks like:

id int autoincrement,

username varchar,

email varchar


You could do something like

$query="SELECT * FROM bl_admin ORDER BY id ASC"; to pull the results in order of IDs


Then to count the users you could do something like

$q = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(id) FROM bl_admin");

$q = mysql_fetch_row($q); //http://php.net/mysql_fetch_row

echo "You have {$r[0]} registered users.";

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ok well i guest I should try at lease just getting it handed to me isn't going to teach me anything


would i change

$query="SELECT * FROM bl_admin";


$query="SELECT * FROM table(adminid) bl_admin ORDER BY id ASC";


is that it and im kinda confused on the [where conditions] and [limit starting row, number of rows]...could someone explain please

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