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Can you check my Website in Opera

igor berger

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I am trying to fix my Website to have cross browser interoperability.

I am using w3c to validate.

There is no document declaration and alt error.

Some pages have missing font and span tags!

I am aware of the color miss match.


I need help with document color layering.


Because of the way my template is build in one big table and the middle part changes height, depending on the content, I had to put a similar color in the “td” of the left menu in the main table as the color of the left menu.

IE has no problem, but in Opera the color green color renders green across from far left to far right of the document, before taking the assigned color in the middle.

I have a feeling this happens because how Opera works with document layers.


Okay, the design may be bad, but I cannot change it now!

I inherited it from ASP CMS that went out business and have to work around it, try to fix the bugs as best I can. I have integrated the data ad hock and created many PHP modules utilizing MySql database engine..

Unfortunately we are living in the real business society not in utopia Web design word!


Any input or suggestions on how to fix the color layering problem in Opera would be highly appreciated.







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Okay I found something interesting that  I think you guys can use.

XHTML menu template



But even with this design there is inherit problem that the left menu sidebar is made out of a pic and will not display nicely if you have a lot of information on the page. To fix this problem one can resize the left menu background pic to 1px height,

This problem occurs on loading the page, that text is loaded first followed by graphics.

So the menu background is loaded later in the document making it unaesthetic.

So I think my basic problem is stack over flow and the cause of it is that I am serving too much content on one page, choking Opera!

From developer point of view I would need to sub categories my anchor links!  I can use DOM method to do this and sub category navigation pages for non JavaScript support browsers.

Okay so this is one procedure that I need to implement.

Because this is a live business project I need to prioritize as to what is best for the Website.

I am juggling between SERP optimization and user friendly Website.

As the SERPs become more intelligent creating pages with SEPRs  as priority does not work anymore. The SEPRs parse the page and compare sub content blocks to other pages in the internet universe.

Here is a good tool to use.


One needs to strike a balance between SERPs and users to achieve optimal convergence.

So prioritizing I will continue to validate my pages with W3C before I attempt to redesign.


If any one has a suggestion, using current design, how to fix the stack overflow in Opera, I would like to here it.


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