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There is a few things you should know. I used a template to build the header, middle area, and footer's basic structure. The very basics. What you will see is some more complex elements, - which I created.


This was my first shot at pure CSS. I used some tables, - for the friends' picture and recent achievements. I hope you like it.


Please be honest with what you think! I'm really looking into improving it! Thanks!


...I'm sorry about the bad images. They are filling the spaces and to complete the image!

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Okay, thanks for the feedback. I changed the main logo from a .png to jpeg which made the size go down from 72 kb to 16 kb! About 50 kb!


I also made the profile page link to the same images as the homepage. I created an extra images folder because of the directory level change, but now its the same so, it should help too!


About the navigation being ugly... why? I think its actually pretty good. Simple and to the point! I hate complex navigations.


I'd like some more people to give feedback! I'd really like to know what you guys think!!

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I think some of the information in the profile should be omitted (especially the attracted to).  The header is attractive and simple.  I like that.  The homepage has some flaws (the class years).  As it is a work in progress, it isn't half bad.

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Thanks hcdarkmage for your feedback. I agree with you about the class years. I did that on purpose since my class is 2010 and I just had to put it at the top. I'm going to change it, - it looks horrible...  :P


I'm going to take out some profile info. It's a bit too much, and too much to code! (in mysql).


Anyone else with suggestions?

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businessman33221 you brought up a good point about the white. Its not easy because when I first made a website I got blasted by crtiques on how, "it used too much black and not enough of white." And now I've used to much white!  :P


How do you suppose I tone it down? How can I make it eye-friendly?


Does anyone else have an opinion?


I have almost finished a new navigation scheme. I should upload it soon and have you guys critique it!

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I think (IMO) that the blue you are using is a little too sharp for the white.  You could try using a lighter shade of blue, an off-white, or even a dull gray (not necessarily in that order).  Take a look at the grayish color that is used in the forum background.  It is soft enough to be pleasing and all the text is legible.  Tone down the blue text to a softer hue.


A work in progress is just that, progress.

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Thanks for the critique. I changed the top navigation. Instead of a simple white its now a shade of gray with nice cruved edges. Its the one with the home, contact, profiles, etc.  I think it looks really cool.


What do you think?


I'm def. going to center the footer.  :P


wwpknights.com - page with new navigation


wwpknights.com/profiles - page with old navigation

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Do you have a bigger (wider) picture of the school?  Is this the front, or a courtyard?  You may want to see about getting a picture that shows the whole outside of the school.  Sure the students know what it looks like, but outsiders don't.  You are probably using a photo given to you from the school, but if you can change it, you should.  It should even out on the ends (too much white space on the sides).  Try to get a picture that evens out with your paragraphs.


Is the main page link supposed to be specific to the student body?  To me it seems to state "Home", even though I am already on the home page.


And your class years are still funky.

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Thanks hcdarkmage for all your help! You are sooo helpful!!


I finished about half of the homepage. I uploaded it here:



** Please note this is not the homepage, - I'm having troubles with the include() header, since this page has some javascript for the rollover images. I should get that fixed later but in the meantime...


I'm working on the news sections. I want to get all the sections done and then start coding the php.



What do you think? Does it look professional?

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Well . . . the blue is a little bright.  You should keep your text headers all the same color.  You should use the same hue of blue that you used on the home page ('Welcome Knights' text) whenever you want to use the blue text.


I like the Icon at the end of the article.


You could probably do without the 'Inspiration' section.  The reason I say this is because I have never seen a site that states what caused the story to be published.  They may put a blurb in the first couple of lines at the beginning, but never devote a section to it.  If anything, state your sources (newspaper articles, quotes, etc.) in that area.


Hope these tips help! ;)  Also, do you have a wider picture of the school?  The one on the home page is giving me a headache.  I can't tell if that is supposed to be the front or what.  take a look at the second-to-last page here: http://wilsonelectronics.com/Files/InstallInstructions/811210.swf.  The picture of the building is in such a way that you could recognize the building if you happened to pass it.  A wider picture will also help with the white space.

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I think the images u used in the links are not so attractive though there is some effort.

In the functionality side:What sort of things u have to and u donot have to put should be thought carefully before u create the pages.It looks like some entertainment rather than educational site.

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the logo is ugly and artifacted.  it is really bad to look at- see if you can obtain a vector copy of it and then spice it up a bit.


there are a lot of offcenter things that should be centered- like the title of the news column.


your nav bar has a few loose pixels near the edges on the left/right side.  it also really doesnt match the flow of the site.


other than that... nice.  the flow (besides the nav bar) is pretty even and maintained.

the only thing i have a problem with is the students profile page... i would hate to strike down an idea that you have probably put a lot of effort in to, but the chances are that the people are going to go to myspace or facebook or something.  another content wise thing is that your front page is missing an upcoming events box, which would heavily help the purpose of a school site- the majority of visitors are going to be parents looking for information.  it is your job to make that information locatable.

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