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News Story with Image Showing End


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If you ever read TIME magazine, everytime the article would finish, they would put a cool bullet or a small image to show its done. I tried doing this but what happens is the following:



text text text content text content text  ___

                                                      |  |

text text text content text content text |__|


The square thing is the image. You see, it makes a line gap. Instead I would want it to move down and center vertically. What is the best way of doing this?


Please note that that image can change location - depending on where the text ends. It won't always finish in the same place. And it has to be right after the text. It can't start a new line by itself.


Thanks in advance!!  ;D ;D ;D


Example here: wwpknights.com/news

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Well thats the not the problem. It can go right after text and work. But it just shifts the text down vertically to create enough space for the image. I was hoping for something to make it vertically align.


Here's the link:




Do you think its worth taking time and fixing it? I can just leave it? ???

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