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I was wondering about something
PEAR DB is a powerful object oriented language
I read that somewhere it began telling me about it, I was wondering is this a replacement for something else.
Meaning I am planning on using MYSQL as my main database when working for clients, I will want to know how to do the rest in case, but what I am trying to figure out, using MYSQL, and PHP, is there anywhere inthere for PEAR DB, is it something I can use WITH MYSQL AND PHP. Or is it something to replace one of them, I am confused a little on the concept of PEAR DB.

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PEAR DB is just a template system that uses PHP and MySQL
it isn't a language

you put in your MySQL server information
you give it the HTML template you want

and if you happen to know some more advanced coding strategies
you can implement them with the existing templates

I've only seen it once and as far as I know, it's probably easier to just not use it.
but that's just my opinion

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PEAR DB is like the DBI layer in Perl -- it allows you to write DB code independent of the underlying database that you are connecting to. Furthermore, the wrapper class itself has many useful functions that have been optimized for talking to the DB. IMHO, it's a good idea to use it.

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