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*SOLVED* Problems with Include?

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[b]EDIT: [/b]Uhm, I have no idea what happened. It wasn't working for hours last night. I looked again just now and it works. So...if anyone wants to take a gander, feel free, but it's working now so I'm good. Sorry!

I have [a href=\"http://doublooncove.net/stalls.txt\" target=\"_blank\"]this php code[/a] saved as stalls.php. I need to display it on several different pages, so I am including it in them.

Here is one page it is included in:
$location = $session_loc_id;

if($location != 1){
    header('Location: http://www.doublooncove.net/explore');
<h1>Top of the Third Pier</h1>
The infamous third pier of the port of the emerald coast lives up to its reputation. A few gangs of burly sailors shift cargo up the pier while a shifty-eyed man whispers quietly with their stern captain. A weasely merchant tries to sell you a parrot that appears to actually be dead, and you feel a hand tug at your pockets as an old beggar jostles into you. What a great place to do business!</p>

The problem is when I view just stalls.php it prints the variables title, till, etc.
When I view it in this page, it prints everything but the variables.

What is wrong?

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I will mark this as solved.

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