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CM West Medical - Legal Consulting


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I know that I've misused tables to an extent for the layout of this site. I set out to make the layout using only css, but I couldn't get it to work how I wanted and said screw it...so I threw in some tables here and there. Also, I was going for a clean simple look..maybe it's too simple but that's why I'm posting the site here b/c I value your opinions

The Site - [a href=\"http://www.cmwestmedical.com/test/\" target=\"_blank\"]CM West Medical - Legal Consulting (Test)[/a]

If that doesn't work then it means I've moved it out of the testing folder and it can be found at:
[a href=\"http://www.cmwestmedical.com\" target=\"_blank\"]CM West Medical[/a]

Thanks in advance for your comments
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Overall - quite good. It grew on me a little more as I browsed through it.

The bottom border is missing as Demio said.

The links (nav bar) at the bottom looks stuck in. It needs more styling - perhaps the text size smaller - as its only a Nav Footer.

Your website (the pages beside the index one) are short on images - IMO. I think you need some more icons and pictures to help the readers get to what they want rather than reading a bunch of text.

Good tho - nice look and feel - they grey bg. grew on me - its ok now.

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Not bad, but could use something to spice it up, it's a little boring. I would consider a different image in the header for each page, otherwise it all seems to run together and look the same. You may want to use some type of border that seperates the left and the content area. I also noticed there is no footer, which you should add in.
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First Impression: Easy on the eye, clean feeling. My eye goes to the puzzle piece. Your header says putting the pieces together, but where is the other piece? What's the purpose of the single puzzle piece.

The color red catches the eye, and I find my eye rests on the Discovery icon on the left. Would you consider that the most important place for the viewer's eye to rest?

I like the layout, the info, confused about why News is on the main page without content.

Great start!

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