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    CSS is for styling, not content. Though you have some limited ability to inject content via CSS, I'm 99.9% sure you can't control an href attribute from CSS. To elaborate on Barand's response to this, PHP will only interpolate variables in double-quoted strings. For instance, $var = "you"; echo "Hi there, $var!"; This will output Hi there, you! However, $var = "you"; echo 'Hi there, $var!'; This will output Hi there, $var! It's an important distinction. What? <?php opens a PHP block, and ?> closes it. So OK, technically you're on the right track; however if you just type <? into HTML, you're going to get <? on your screen.
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    HTML knows nothing about php variables. If it's in the HTML section (as this is) it needs embedding inside php tags Either <a href='test.php?id=<?php echo $uri; ?>'>link to page2</a> or use short tags <a href='test.php?id=<?=$uri?>'>link to page2</a>
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    Your syntax was just messed up. You can see how much simpler Barand's code is. There are a couple of ways to do the same thing but none are complicated. When you find yourself adding too many quotes and other symbols you are probably on the wrong track. PHP recognizes anything that starts with $ as a variable and does substitution. If you need to have a string that starts with $ and do not want substitution then you need to escape (\) the $, thus \$whatever.
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    I've just looked at the data in your sql dump files. Did I say the design was terrible? I apologise for the gross understatement and for referring to it as a database As I hope I demonstrated in my earlier posts, if you get the data right the processing becomes a whole lot easier. Nothing in the other tables matches those column names in your prices table, so all of my solutions go out of the window. There might have been some hope if the first column in prices mapped to id #1 and the 2nd column to id #2 but even that isn't the case. I'll check if dropping "Price" suffix from the column names can save the day. I'll have a look at your code now, but first I need a stiff drink, or several - a large gin and tonic should help.
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