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  1. I did put this site up for feedback a while ago now, so long it seemed better to starting a new thread, as its progressed a lot since then. Elemental is a game/procrastination tool where you drag/click elements from the Periodic Table into the 'compounder' and see what you can make. It was originally born as a jquery showcase, but has evolved awat from that somewhat, since handling quizzes in client side left them vulnerable (you could see the answers using developer tools to see ajax json arrays!!!), so its all been pulled server side. Now its just becoming its own little thing, I do not know what yet! I have added a fun element where you try and make up words (like BaCoN - Barium Colbolt Nitrogen) also quizzes are finished now, there are leaderboards and achivements (requires registration, feel free to sign up, I won't spam you or hand out emails). Science mode is still limited to my own table of molecules, but there are too many so API to a public resource is the plan. The fun mode words table were generated by a script, and as of such many are unverified, but theres about a dozen I manually added, theres a couple of big cats i added..... Anyway I am looking for feedback on looks and feel, how does it navigate through a quiz, and other modes, could there be improvements to the UI. Also any ideas of things to do that I havent yet (Daily Word is going to be a bit like Fun mode in reverse, instead of finding a word, you are given it and have a time limit to make it). Also let me know if you break it, I need to make sure its robbust too. Thanks for your time and hope you enjoy it www.ethickink.co.uk/elemental
  2. spiderwell


    here is a pure CSS solution for you: overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;-o-text-overflow: ellipsis;white-space: nowrap;width: 100%;
  3. yup i managed to get our dev environment changed by explaining it in a way that showed it was losing money with the current set up.
  4. Im with you smoseley ^^ ive been a notepad++ person for as long as i recall but i recently discovered JetBrains PhpStorm. it is by far the best editor in years. it has so many cool lil features. I think you should all go try it out!
  5. whilst reading this, i thought one way to approach it is:when a user logs in, the message system returns all messages since previous login, and this will bypass having to save many messages per user table crap. This does of course rely on your login system recording times/dates for logins as for ajax jquery, does your login use it? if so, can you not adapt that? closing a div wont require ajax, you are just changing its display to none essentially.
  6. odd bug i think: if the most recent post is a post that was moved to a different section, it still shows as most recent post in the old section(it was in originally) in the forum home page summary. not sure how much of a big deal that is really.
  7. this too, it was in a very conveniant place, now it isnt, however i wont die from this, so if you do make it like before great, if you dont, great also.
  8. interesting read, however IE is still rubbish.
  9. many editors write php for you too, like dreamweaver.
  10. at least the dropped the F from the name, it used be FCKEditor, which always amused me
  11. its a very specific CKEDITOR quirk, i have posted the answer which worked for me when I had the same issue
  12. You need to get the information from the ckeditor object and pass it to the textarea, its a odd beast this editor, here's one i used on a site, you should be able to work out what is going on, curator_mission_english is the name of my text area function checksubmit() { if (CKEDITOR.instances.curator_mission_english) { document.getElementById('curator_mission_english').value=CKEDITOR.instances['curator_mission_english'].getData(); } if (CKEDITOR.instances.curator_mission_french) { document.getElementById('curator_mission_french').value=CKEDITOR.instances['curator_mission_french'].getData(); } }
  13. wordpress is for people who cant program, and can be learnt in the time it takes to read this post.
  14. i prefer the second example only for the word ewok!!
  15. i use codeigniter and implementing my own cms is very easy my controllers are in an admin folder, and have an index and edit methd , one that lists the table, the other to edit an entry (add goes to edit and uses same form) and each method in the controller has a simple login check to only allow the right users to that section.
  16. you can aslo adapt your script to add the extra parameters to the pagination links, and have it check for them as part of the GET array and re apply them that way
  17. i think for the reason that they are notices and not errors http://php.net/manual/en/function.set-error-handler.php
  18. if its missing it should ignore it as it wont be there?? or am I missing something here? I think you are making this harder for yourself than you need to!!! a recordset will contain the IDs that you have asked for, and using a while loop it will loop from start to end, whether its 5 records with ID 1 to 5 or 1000 records with ID from 1 to 1000. If could even be a number inbetween , without being incremental all the time due to missing/deleted rows. like ID 50 to 250 but not having 175 to 200 You dont need a usercount, you dont need a max users, unless I have misunderstood greatly what is going on
  19. Why not just select the rows from the DB, and do a normal recordset WHILE loop?? You wont encounter any invalid IDs (theoretically).
  20. the problem i have with books is you cant be sure on the typos, at least with most online resources, you get feedback and changes if they are needed! plus books are costly and often go out of date quickly
  21. ypu say that, but I hae noticed a trend in bookshops no longer stocking programming books and instead books on 'how to use your ipad' or related to being an expert in photoshop, more all about software than programming, which is kinda of annoying!
  22. the ole interpolation Vs concatenation question! do some on variable scopes? ask why you would use recursion? whats the difference between -> and => I am sure theres a lot more!
  23. people per hour is a good site, but i dont think it is miami specific
  24. or you could use the webserver to protect a folder with a password. if you put it into a php file, even if the file gets executed, the php code wont be viewable in the client
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