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  1. Hi all


    I am a bit stuck on this one, as I haven't come across it before and cannot seem to make it work. I am having to move a database from A to B, which is normally no problem, but in this instance I am having issues with French characters : é î À etc

    Whenever I export these characters break or stop working. I think its related to the fact the export is in plain text and not rich text? I might well be barking up the wrong tree with that one too!!


    Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this without losing characters?





  2. I would imagine that the articles are more likely in nuke_articles than in nuke_topics. That table should have names that make sense, an ID column for identifer, perhaps some other linking ID column to topics, and at least one thats might be story or article. it will likely be a TEXT,TINYTEXT,MEDIUMTEXT,LONGTEXT type, if you find it you should be able to increase its length. the data type shown in your example is varchar and has a (255) character limit, the 3600 is actually the value stored in the database. what you are looking at is 2 column table with config_name and config value as the 2 cols, and this is 1 row, with values session_length and 3600 (its safe to assume this is 1 of many pairs of values that set up the config of the site).


    it is possible that config table has an entry for article length and it is set there instead, but i just dont know Nuke



  3. so it looks like you have the login and out script working and a page to admin to go to when logged in. using an if statement you could direct ordinary users to a different page.


    the forum you speak of, is that one you have to make yourself or are you using a 3rd party one? it would be a lot of code to make a forum like this one for example. you can set permissions on them for message approval


    a simple message system shouldn't be too hard to devise, you would have to make a table to store messages in, then you could generate a list of users to send to from the login table.


    user management can be done with listing users and having a delete link passing an id , but of course that would need to be done in a secure fashion to prevent abuse, POST data might be preferable.

    messages could be approved via a similar list with an approve button that triggers an update on the message stored in the db to have its 'approved' column checked/true or however you choose to declare the difference between approved or not, you might want 3 options for:  to be approved, approved, disapproved


    i hope that helps, I cant really give you any code more an idea of how i might do some parts of it if it was me.



  4. in PHP i would do it like this:


    $variable = "blue"


    while (looping)


      $variable = ($variable == "blue") ? "red" : "blue";

    echo "<div class=\"$variable\">";



    this uses a ternary(spelling) operator that says if colour is blue return red otherwise return blue.

    Should be able to work out the rest, the code clearly wont work as is :)


  5. we would need to know what the set up is on your system, you need to really investigate the database and find out what the details are on the column that contains the articles, its likely to be text but it will have a character limit set on it, and that is mostly likely what you need to change (increase).

    I dont have any personal experience of Nuke 8, so cannot do anymore than to suggest a possible scenario. google character counter, there is a few online that you can dump text into.

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