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  1. Getting better, definitely. The search box still feels "out there" a little too much, and your top navigation could use some retooling (some kind of hover effect?) so that it doesn't look identical to the bottom. But the login box definitely helps the header.

  2. Sideways navigation? Ugh. It's not a bad design, but I'd like for more detail on just what Hobotown is-the description is vague, and there is no about page. Also, the forum theme isn't anything like that of the site itself-you should fix that.

  3. Not bad. The overall design is nice, and the graphics work is cool. But it still kinda feels like a template; to look at it, it seems like you found something generic on the net and added a text header with your company name on it. You need to move away from that generic feeling-try adding a more graphical logo, and make a larger header for the home page-that will make it look much nicer.

  4. See, this is more the aesthetic that I think you should have gone for in the first place. The new home page is a lot nicer looking then the original one, although it seems to have some visual glitches in Firefox, and the makeover doesn't extend to the editor or the sign up pages. I still think that the creation process is too long; at one part, after you create the group ID you hit another page where you enter the group ID and press another button; while it is automatically filled in, it shouldn't be necessary.. I don't get the "Why to use EverythingThere" column though-there isn't much of a link between that and the column contents. Shouldn't there be some kind of list there?


    Finally, the editor itself is like I said, still incredibly plain and you should look in to both creating a WYSIWYG editor of advanced functionality and creating a nicer-looking interface.

  5. No, I mean contain the search and login boxes so that they are clearly separate objects, and visually distinct from the rest of the page and each other.


    As for the footer search, I doubt that it is really necessary to have it there-most people will likely skim it over.

  6. Well, one thing you could do is make it so the search box at the top isn't floating on nothing-as it stands, it just kinda looks there. Another thing you could do is make more then just filler text at the bottom-that will help with getting a complete review.

  7. 1. Check the login form, right side-layout tables.

    2. The category menu isn't that fast. I click and it takes nearly a second to open completely, but people have come to expect it to open instantly.

    3. When I look at it, I skim the page based on the title text and the basic shape of the logo (if present). I don't stop to look at the little details like sine waves until the second or third look-little details shouldn't be used to communicate big things. If you want to use sine waves, then make them big or a running motif of some kind as to make it stand out more.


    Oh, and now that I look at it again-I like the header text, and the contrast between caraudio and clips is good, but maybe each word should be a different shade?

  8. Okay. You have a website where you sell products. Is there a secret password we have to say to see it?


    (De-snarkified: A link to the site and some more specificity would be good! The edit button is your friend!)


    Okay, review time. The site is frankly fairly ugly. You have tables, animated GIFs, terrible color choices, and no clear idea of what the site is actually about when I look at the main page. This should be restarted from scratch, frankly.

  9. Problem 1 : On page load, your scrolling news applet managed to freeze my browser. That's a very big first-impression problem.


    Problem 2 : Purple. Oh so very much purple. It's a hard color to use in a site design effectively, and frankly it doesn't really fit the bill here.


    Problem 3 : Login form is big; register link is small. This should be the other way around for something like this: make it clear and easy to register.


    Problem 4 : It took quite a bit of reading to figure out what the site was about. The central point, the big "RESERVED" image, didn't help matters, and just confused me.


    It's a good start, but it has several problems with it. I won't get into the concept here, though.

  10. Well, for one thing, your forms have no label elements, which is pretty bad right there. You also use inline styles (something of a no-no) and you have no alt text. One of the big things in form design is trying to keep it as simple as possible, and your lack of labels, inline styles, and tables really don't help matters.


    Also, just a word of advice: it's easier to avoid problems early then fix them later. If you're a game designer, you should understand code debugging, right? It's just like that-get it right the first time.

  11. It's nice, and the header is cool. The only real problem is the low contrast-get some lighter colours in there instead of the dark grey on darker grey. Aside from the fact that some of the image-text words like Latest News seem a little stretched-out vertically, the heavy use of tables, the massive amount of validation errors, and inaccessible form design, the header is cool.

  12. Uh...huh. The visual asthetic is clean enough, if sparing; but your site itself has problems. New account creation is a long, dull process which takes way too long to do overall. I mean, a log-in page after creating an account? That's just plain annoying to the end user. And then, when I finally get to the editor page, it's a TinyMCE textfield with some extra options on the page. Not a full-featured advanced version, just the very basic editor. Aside from the collaboration features, this is really a waste; at least use the full version with all the formatting options, if not your own editor!

  13. Trinasworld redirects to a skateboard ads page-I'm guessing that's wrong?


    Also, as it stands the Christian targeting isn't really helping-just looking at this board points out the flaws with religion. Christians can be at times regarded as pushy and narrow-minded, and by putting Christian in the title you've opened up a massive can of worms that should be used only when you plan to take advantage of controversy. Also, as it stands, you are right: no one will care about another how-to site. You need to figure out something that sets you apart-something that doesn't ignite this kind of controversy. Try something like video tutorials or bigger font to target an older market segment. Maybe even make your own Linux distro to go with it?

  14. It's a good design: but it is very, very blue. This would be more impressive if it was in HTML, which would let us determine if the top animation is a gif or flash or what. My only problem is the buttons-they are a bright green, instead of a more consistent orange.

  15. The interaction is nice and fast, and while the editing tools are limited, the ones that are there tend to work fine. One thing you could do though is get rid of the subscribe now and essentials blocks, and make the editor fullscreen or in a pop-up window of some sort-that would help make it feel more like an application, and less like just a toy.

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