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  1. Not too bad; but for the big picture banner in the middle (which honestly strikes me as superfluous), you know the blue borders on the sides? If you're going to have them, try making them continue throughout the design, through the header picture and the footer even-that might help make the site a bit more focused.

  2. The logo is kinda cool, but other then that, the site is fairly ugly. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the whole "Brushed steel" look you have for the main content. I won't get into the debate over AJAX for a site like this is hugely appropriate, but I digress-the point is, I'm pretty sure there's already a ton of other sites like this, and aside from using snazzy technology, there's no real need for something like this, especially given the sheer prevalence of cell phones.

  3. In order of my visit:

    I open up the page and find a message warning me to switch my browser-this is bad because it both slows me down and isa pointless throwback to the Browser Wars of th 1990s.

    After entering the site, I see a fairly simple template with what is frankly something of a mess of a front page. Without any clearly important part of the page to latch on to, the entire page confuses and scares me. I look around and spot some vague welcome text with words like PIREP and flight planning. I see some statistics that I don't care about, and move on to something more important. I see a bunch of empty boxes, so I move on to find some kind of about page. I haphazardly hit a link to an airline information button, which leads me to an unstyled 404 error. Being completely lost and disoriented, I leave and post this story.

  4. But then most users don't know it's old technology-now, if you were talking about IE5, then I agree with you wholeheartedly, but IE6 is still common because of users who don't know about updating, like my parents or my grandmother-they didn't grow up with the tech, like most everyone in their generation, so they don't know much about it.

  5. That's because in Firefox, it displays it on the outside instead of the inside; possibly a glitch. Anyways, try using a repeating background image down the center that is thin enough to keep the border outside-that might work.

  6. .container a:link {
    .container a:visited {
    .container a:hover {
    .container a:active {

    Try using this. If this kind of styling doesn't work, then it's a specificity issue-something in your CSS code is more specific about what it is styling, and it overrides this. Try showing us the CSS next time.


    Of course, it could also be a code typo, where you misspelled the class name in the div or the CSS. That's happened to me more times then I care to count.

  7. Mine is based on an old school username. I was signing up for an account on GamingForums and I couldn't think of anything else, and then after that I signed up for another site under that name, and another, and another, and after a while, the name grew on me. Not like it's likely to be taken already after all.
  8. Whenever a style doesn't work, always check what other styles are being applied to that same class or tag; also, is that the exact code, or paraphrased? Be sure to check the output to make sure that it matches that exactly.

  9. Uh... huh? English is slightly garbled, but as I understand it, you want links to personal sites, yes?

    http://www.zeldman.com/ is one of the better examples out there. As for finding one, I have no idea, nor do I know why you want to find one. Could you maybe be a little clearer of what it is you're doing, and how this belongs in a critique forum?

  10. When I look at it in FF2 on 1280*1024, the footer actually requires scrolling to see. Maybe it's just me, but I've always found that stuff like that is just too much trouble to be honestly worth the work.

    Also, is it just me, or is your background a very slightly lighter version of the Gamespot background?

  11. Aside from suggesting you move the "Published On" bar beneath the post, I'd say you've hit the clean look. Also, you should center-align it-the whole thing just seems empty on the right side.

  12. The title and slogan are a bit unusual, but whatever. The second-to-last box is just pointless, the colors are bland (and purple, which seems to be tilted more towards a female audience), and the logo is kinda '95 style pointless glitter effects. The layout is pretty bland, frankly, with just a solid color and a few boxes.

  13. The > symbol is used to indicate that it is a direct descendant, IE in the very first child element. The first one tells it to select and span.header tags that are directly after div elements, while the second only applies to span.headers directly beneath div.team_infos. Just take out the > and it will work fine.

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