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  1. The username/password combination you gave doesn't work. But if you want them side-by-side, try making the widths 49% each and floating them both left-see if that helps.

  2. It says "We are the innovators". It's the only thing on the page, it reads like a big ego-stroking, and the garish green color gets on my nerves. The front page just makes me want to turn around and leave, frankly.

  3. Tables. Why? The site design feels overly glossy, has a ton of reflections, and really starts to feel over-the-top the top navigation just doesn't work (falling under the category  of Mystery Meat Navigation. It's pretty, but it's not really a good design.

  4. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any Javascript scripts that would do that; Flash seems to be the easiest option for it, if you can figure out how to get the dynamic data in; failing at that, you may want to look at what they do on TV.com or Gamespot.com; their featured articles on the front page is very similar to what you seek.

  5. Looks good! My only problem is with the way that the arrow in the main menu jumps so much-it becomes a distraction. As for the featured properties, maybe they should rotate among a short list, fading in three and fading out three.

  6. Well, you close the code with [/url] instead of </a>, which if it is in the actual code will cause problems. Failing at that,  have you checked the case of both the CSS and the HTML? That makes a difference. Also, try setting an actual font size insteal of just smaller; maybe that will help.

  7. That's the way it's supposed to work-the float command detaches the element from the document structure, making it so that it doesn't have to obey the order in the source code. And yes, it is normal for that to happen.

  8. Think of it this way-box 2 is the one that is being floated right FIRST in order of the code, and box three is being floated after box 1, meaning that it ends up in the middle. To see more clearly what happens when code is floated right, make an <ol> element and have all the <li>'s floated right-that's a clear demonstration of this property at work.

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