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  1. Of course, without either of those things this site is useless; that basically makes it useless to 99% of the web-browsing internet. Since I can't access it, it has failed as a website.
  2. They do it by making a big, semi-transparent black div over the screen-see Lightbox for a good example of this.
  3. It's plain, but it's a good layout. It just doesn't have a whole lot of bang to it-there are quite a few flat colors and only one or two gradients on the page. One thing you could do is add a registration form (or at least part of one) on the main page; as it is, it's hard to find an actual place to create an account.
  4. moberemk


    Then add the box to the background image.
  5. The official W3C one is the one I use, at least. I don't really know of any others.
  6. I'd say redo the layout tables and go for a CSS-based layout, get rid of all the text above the header image, and redesign the berlinetto site and forums. But the front page isn't bad.
  7. You know how floats hover over other elements? A cleared element just gets pushed down so that the float can't be over it.
  8. moberemk

    FireFox Is Gay

    Add width: 100%; to your .alt1 class.
  9. Try taking out the display: table; from your code-see if that helps.
  10. It's worse now. You have some random cheesy graphic effects, no flow, and some pretty ugly graphics at that. There's no clear theme to the site whatsoever. Chains on the side, sparkles in the subtitle, glowing blue crossthatched something-or-others behind the initials... it just gets worse.
  11. Not bad, but it's too monochromatic at the moment. Try adding some contrasting colors and detail. Consider the market: people who care a lot about makeup, and therefore appearances. In other words, some more pictures on the page would go a way to help make the site a bit less impersonal.
  12. Yes, it is clear. To you. But since you designed the site, then it really isn't something you can tell after a while. Well, in review: The design is thirty-second CSS and hideous, the GETYOURLINKON capitalization is freakishly annoying, it uses tables, and the front-page text is a hideous blob of clueless rambling with no clear purpose and no explanation of something basic like the point of the site.
  13. The blue is way too bright, it looks old and kinda flat, and there is a guy on the homepage who has no clear link to the subject matter. Try going for something that looks a bit more professional.
  14. It's a personal site based on a template, so basically, there isn't anything that we can critique. The template isn't your work, and a personal page is designed to cater to your tastes. SO basically, there's nothing we can say.
  15. What's there is okay, but this is really going all-out minimalist design. I mean, you could have at least some eye-candy in there.
  16. It's a theme with a CMS. There really isn't that much we can review here.
  17. The bent page header is cool, but below that it gets kinda blah. Try adding some content down there, and a little bit of color too.
  18. Well, the good news is, there are worse designs out there. The bad news is, those sites are considered crimes against humanity. Seriously though, you need to reword this. The font is pretty bad and the capitalizing is annoying (and the menu didn't even look like a menu for the first minute or so), and the colours just don't work. Take this one back to the drawing board.
  19. The site itself is ugly, and all you have is a bunch of links to applications (Wordpress, SMF) which are unstyled, a script, and some kind of registration feature. I'm just curious as to the point of it.
  20. Better, slowly, but get rid of the thick grey borders and make them thinner at the very least; and try to make the site more rounded (the "interface like a wet bar of soap" simile).
  21. You almost sound as if you've discovered religion. Your argument still confuses me, however. So is Strict XHTML 1.1 good or bad? I work to make everything I do valid to that standard.
  22. Eh. Can't say I love the colors, and though Google has proven you don't need something to be pretty for it to succeed, the site is still pretty ugly. As for the search engine, I looked up "Battlefield 2142" (over three million google results) and got nothing. Basically, there is no reason whatsoever to use your search engine.
  23. Parts of it are good, but the colors are rather tacky-the light green and blue just don't go well together. Also, looking at the red text on the front page, I can't help but feel like this is a "features list" site rather then a focused goal. I actually almost missed your footer-the white text on light grey isn't very good decision-making. And finally, you know your show/hide buttons? Why not integrate them with the random block of orange on the left?
  24. I guess they lied then. You've hit modern professional, and that's good; try enhancing that with some darker colors (closer to black) and a minimal amount of flash or AJAX effects sprinkled in, like on buttons or with a top properties list of some kind.
  25. Yeah, but the thing is, programming and designing are two entirely separate parts of the brain. One good argument I've heard is that excellent programmers can be good designers, and excellent designers can be good programmers, but to really be great you really have to be wired into either the logic-based left-brain programming or the creative right-brain design aspect. See, your brain is mostly wired towards logic, what makes you a great programmer. And, just some advice: when an overwhelming majority of people tell you to scrap something, that should be a clue that maybe you should.
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