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  1. There is a way, but that's in CSS3; so basically, in a decade or so, then yeah, there is a way.
  2. Well, by cluttered, I mean that there's no DTD and it uses tables; sorry for the confusion. Also, which version of Dreamweaver and Fireworks are you using?
  3. Eh. Bad font choice, firstly; the navigation looks pretty ugly too. Also, on anything larger then 800*600 it just looks cut-off. The code is cluttered, lakes both a DTD and any real use of CSS for layout in favor of tables, and the color scheme is pretty bland/ugly (next time try pulling colors from your header image for a nice green color scheme?). And, for reasons which escape me, you have a Javascript rollover menu which could have easily been done in CSS.
  4. I can't say I love the Flash animation up there; it's a little distraction, honestly.
  5. You remember the featured properties bar from the last version? Make that empty space that says "Quote here" have a list of top new properties so that it has some real usefulness.
  6. I wouldn't hire you if I were a business. I'm looking at the design, full of clouds and...clouds and it is at odds with your statement of "clean and professional design". The site reminds me a lot of some personal homepages from the early 90s, and it just doesn't look very professional at all. Try looking at the sites of other web designers-they're clean, lots of whitespace, and uses effects sparingly. This is one site that should go back to the drawing board.
  7. Nice! But I miss the page background and border from the last one-having the color that spanned the page was very cool. One other thing: that quote at the top could be used for the top properties list; just a thought.
  8. I don't really get why there's a clock there, and the white background is jarring after the first page, which seems to be an experiment in the use of Photoshop filters. I read the hard-to-read arching text and I still have no clue what the point of this is-try making this site a bit more clear in purpose and less pretty eye-candy graphics.
  9. A calendar, a blog, a photo gallery, and OPTIONAL playlists. Make it so that you have to press play yourself. Also, come up with a new style-the template you have now is pretty ugly.
  10. He's probably thinking more 3D stuff, like gradients and drop shadows. Maybe a bit more Web 2.0 asthetic into it, like lines; just break up some solid color here and there and see what he thinks.
  11. Add an about box at the top of the homepage so that it is immediately clear what the site is for. Aside from that, I can't really recommend anything until I know more about the goal of the site.
  12. The heck? What are you talking about? Dreamweaver is FTP. As for reasons, there's quite a few: - Heavy integration with the rest of Adobe CS3 - Tag auto-closing - PHP, HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, etc. - Years of polishing and next to no instability (hasn't crashed on me yet) - Basic page layouts to quickly get started - New Spry features that offer basic AJAX features in what I've found to be a quick and easy manner - Code snippets library (more useful then you'd think when you start going into heavy usage) - Extensions for more or less everything if you look
  13. The design is pretty good, but given my non-existent Czech skills, I can't really critique the page which I have no clue the point of. You should come up with a slightly cooler menu hover effect.
  14. Because you didn't give it a height, and font sizes change between browsers. Also, apply the margin to the li element, not the a element.
  15. It's a splash page, a thing which is usually bad. Right now, you seem to have a good visual direction you're going for, but there really isn't much to critique here. Come back when we actually have something to look at.
  16. Dreamweaver does that too, though; that's the thing. Arguably, Expression Web is just Microsoft playing catch-up again with products that were far behind the curve by putting out products that were slightly less far behind. I'll admit that Expression Web looks to be the best Microsoft product to date, but Dreamweaver still has the most features and has been doing what Expression is doing for a few versions now.
  17. Expression web, while significantly better then Frontpage, still can't really beat the power user features of Dreamweaver, like the Photoshop integration and the PHP syntax highlighting though.
  18. Firstly, the opacity command doesn't work all that well in real-life situations-just something to keep in mind. Second, look up transparent PNG backgrounds on Google, and it should point out some good tutorials for you.
  19. moberemk


    Make the ul or ol element 100 px wide and tall, and float it to the left. Then float each li element to the left, and have each one be at 33% width.
  20. IE has issues with padding. Whereas Firefox will display it like it should be displayed (by adding the padding to the width), IE will display it by not adding the padding to the width. Check http://www.positioniseverything.net/ for this and other IE woes, or just use margins.
  21. Yes, but what about whitespace? There isn't much empty space, making the homepage feel cluttered.
  22. It's pretty ugly, honestly. The header is a poorly compressed JPEG, and the big blue bars on the sides just don't work. Once you get below the header, the site just goes flat-no real graphical touches or organization seems present; a few borders and background colors would have helped clarify grouping on this page. The news bar on the right is good, but the left side is disorganized and seemingly has no specific purpose. Remember, the more there is on a page, the less focus there is on the individual elements on a page. Finally, you should run the text through the spell checker; there are more then a few typos and grammatical mistakes on these pages.
  23. Use some actual graphics, for one; as it is, it's mostly greys and flat colours. Try coming up with a specific purpose in mind when you're designing it, as that will help you create a design that relates to the goal of the site. Look up some examples of design on the web-remember, good designers borrow, great designers steal.
  24. It's flat and fairly boring, and while the design is still readable and the navigation works well enough, it still doesn't look very pretty; not to mention that I have no clue what the point of the site is, but that'll change eventually.
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