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  1. try this:

    function multimax( $array ) {
       // use foreach to iterate over our input array.
       foreach( $array as $value ) {
           // check if $value is an array...
           if( is_array($value) ) {
               // ... $value is an array so recursively pass it into multimax() to 
               // determine it's highest value.
               $subvalue = multimax($value);
               // if the returned $subvalue is greater than our current highest value,
               // set it as our $return value.
               if( $subvalue > $return ) {
                   $return = $subvalue;
           } elseif($value > $return) {
               // ... $value is not an array so set the return variable if it's greater
               // than our highest value so far.
               $return = $value;
       // return (what should be) the highest value from any dimension.
       return $return;


    *found it on php.net : http://us2.php.net/max

  2. um...I would guess that you have to look around line 183 to find the error...


    we can't really help you if you don't post any code...


    is this something that you programmed? or is it just a page you are going to on the internet?

  3. try:

    mysql_query("INSERT INTO vbb_members (username,password,email,reg_date,mem_no,perm) values (\"$username\", \"$password\", \"$email\", \"$reg_date\", \"$mem_no\", \"$perm\")") or die("Error: ".mysql_error());

  4. no you can't do that. the only way to "change" a database name is to export all of your data, drop that database, name a new one with the name you want, and import the data. Why can't you just use the one that they gave you?


    If you want to make your own names you would have to find a company that gives you full control over your MySQL.

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