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  1. Hey All,

    I need to track the time online of my users on a site. Just like on here where you can see how many days/hours/minutes you have been logged in. I'm a little stuck on how to start. I've done some searches for this sort of thing but I haven't come up with anything decent. Any ideas or places that you can point me to?




  2. Hey All,

    I need some help with some javascript. I have a site with a shopping cart set up for jewelry. Customers are able to add multiple ring styles. On the confirmation page I need them to select ring sizes. Say if a customer came and added 2 rings of one style and 1 ring of another style. I need the 2 rings that are the same in an expand/contract box and the other single ring by itself. The customer should have the ability to change the sizes of the 2 rings that are the same with 1 dropdown...but still have the option to change them indevidually too. I hope I'm making sense here. When you register domains at GoDaddy you will see the same thing.


    I have uploaded 3 demo images to make this a little more clear.

    demo1.jpg - the ring styles that are the same will have the + sign to expand or contract as well as a dropdown to control those 2 ring sizes

    demo2.jpg - shows you the expended version. If I change the top most dropdown it will change the inner ones to the same value

    demo3.jpg - shows you that I can change the inner dropdowns indevidually


    So, does anyone know of any online tutorials/examples to show me how to do something like this?


    Thanks, I appriciate it!



    [attachment deleted by admin]

  3. Hello,

    I am in need of a "website worker". This means that you will be my right hand man (or woman) in assisting me with projects or my overflow. Right now my company consists of a few designers and me doing all coding/programming. Currently I’ve been overwhelmed with projects; this is where you come in. I will task you anything that needs to be done and/or completed. This will include mostly HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and an occasional CGI script. Please have experience in all of these languages/technologies as well as other parts of the LAMP environment.


    I am looking for someone that I can start a long business relationship with; this is just not a one time deal. This person needs to have strong communication skills both through email and over the phone (if we ever need to talk on the phone). English is a MUST and you will need to communicate with it correctly.


    My jobs will be either a flat rate or an hourly rate, I will need you to be able to give me a quote for either one when I need you to do something for me. This job would be great for an up and coming web programmer that needs some experience and some new things to do. I will be able to give you some new challenges.


    Here are some questions for you:

    1. What is your hourly rate? How do you usually price projects?

    2. What is your availability?

    3. Please tell me more about yourself, what you can do, and what you can do for me.

    4. Links to your portfolio/live sites


    Please contact me at chris at syracusecs dot com with answers to my questions and anything else you feel would be helpful. $$$ depends on experience and the actual project.


    Thank you for your time,


  4. Hey thorpe, thanks for the input. Right now I haven't really decided what technology I want to use. I've programmed in C++, Java, and VB.NET before, so atleast I'm familiar with them...that doesn't mean I have to stick with them though.


    If you don't mind explaining more...What don't you like about VB.NET? What makes C# more elegant? What would you use for this type of project?


    Thanks again.

  5. So recently I've been tasked to create a Windows desktop application for a business. This will be pretty much an "all-in-one" - sales, purchasing, inventory, reporting, etc. This will also possibly be connected to an in-house server (Server 2003, MS SQL) and a website server/database (MySQL, PHP, Apache). I need something that can interface with both easily. So pretty much my question is: What technology should I use to do this? I was thinking VB.NET but I just want to make sure that is the right path to take before I go down it. Your thoughts? Any resources that you can give me? Anything else that can point me in the right direction? Have you done something like this before?




  6. You have to call your host ASAP. I got this same error a while ago on one of my servers. It happened to be the MySQL log getting too big and filling up a directory (set to 2GB), they had to move the log to a bigger directory and delete the old log.


    ...The error pretty much means you loaded up your hard drive or something on your hard drive.

  7. hmmm, very interesting. Close too. But the problem that I'm seeing with a lot of scripts is that I can't "use" the pop up. Meaning...I need to be able to put html, images, text, links, pics, anything else in that "pop up", I also need to be able to move the mouse over onto it so that I can use the elements in it. Thanks for the script though!

  8. This all depends on the application. I recently re-programmed one of my membership sites to all OOP and my other newer "styles" of programming. I started off the project with 700+ files to work through, now since I'm done with it I only have about 150 files. It took a few weeks for me to do this. This is with working on it a little here and there, and a few full days dedicated to it.


    So it really all depends...

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