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  1. Pixies are "michevious imps". And it sounds cool when spoken. What else?
  2. I hate frontpage. I use Dreamweaver 8 because of the syntax coding. I can't stand the designer view.
  3. Exactly how much javascript should you know before trying to use AJAX? I know absolutely no javascript, but I'd love to use it. And is this something AJAX could do: Say you have a shop online where people buy with little points they accumulate for doing things. Then whenever a shop item is bought it disappears from the page without having to reload the page? How hard is it to incoporate PHP and AJAX to work together?
  4. Back on topic: I'm a girl. And I'm 16, started learning PHP at 15 and HTML when i was like 10.
  5. I know pretty much nothing about Ajax, but from what I read it sounds very interesting. Bookmarked Ajaxfreaks, it looks fantastic! I'm definately a fan of the green.
  6. I disable activeX controls on pages I don't trust, and I never show Java.
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