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Found 2 results

  1. hi there, can i ask some help please. i need to get the addon percentage on my database... add on is being computed based on the difference between an invoice and estimate. my query goes like this: SELECT COUNT(estimate) as est, SUM(invoice-estimate) as addons, SUM(addons / est) * 100 as Percentage FROM tblestimates What is the best way to do this? i know that i cant use aliases on the computation i made. Thank you
  2. Hi I am viewing xls table in php using below code. I want to count the no of row of the table below the line. But its not appearing the result. Result is showing O, but it should be 6. Please have a look & advise. echo $table ="<table>"; $x=1; while($x<=$connection->sheets[$sheet]['numRows']) { echo "\t<tr>\n"; $y=1; while($y<=$connection->sheets[$sheet]['numCols']) { $cell = isset($connection->sheets[$sheet]['cells'][$x][$y]) ? $connection->sheets[$sheet]['cells'][$x][$y] : ''; echo "\t\t<td>$cell</td>\n"; $y++; } echo "\t</tr>\n"; $x++; } echo "</table>"; $count = substr_count($table, "<tr>"); echo "Total rows: ".$count; echo "</br>";
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