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Found 5 results

  1. Here is my code so far (I say it's PDO but it pretty much isn't. What is the object here? The database connection? LOL!); $sql = " SELECT SUM(IF(`sent` != 'N' , 1 , 0 )) as 'Emails Sent', SUM(IF(`completed` NOT IN('N','paper') , 1 , 0 )) as 'Completed Electronically', SUM(IF(`completed` = 'paper' , 1 , 0 )) as 'Completed Manually', SUM(IF(`completed` != 'N' , 1 , 0 )) as 'Total Number Completed', SUM(IF(`remindercount` = '1' , 1 , 0 )) as 'Reminder Sent Once', SUM(IF(`remindercount` = '2' , 1 , 0 )) as 'Reminder Sent Twice', SUM(IF(`remindercount` = '3' , 1 , 0 )) as 'Reminder Sent Thrice' FROM `tokens_$survey_id` "; $statement = $dbh->prepare($sql); $statement->execute(); $result = $statement->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ); foreach($result as $key => $value) { echo "<tr> <td>$key</td> <td>$value</td> </tr>"; } This is all well and good if the tokens_$survey_id table is actually there. Sometimes, for a genuine reason, there won't be a tokens table for that particular survey. How do I account for this? At the moment I get an error.. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/index.php on line 149 I tried this but I am not satisfied this is correct; if(!$result) { die(); } I don't want the code to die! If I take out the die() statement then this if is ignored for some reason I don't understand.
  2. Hello, I have two different databases with each having one table. I wanted to display records from both databases in a single html page sort by Date. Both Database tables may have different columns. But some Columns names are same.Any idea on how to do this... Regards, Durgaprasad.
  3. Hi PHP Experts, I need some help. I have two tables as follows names table id name man_no 1 Alex 12340 2 Anne 12341 3 Ben 12342 4 Jude 12343 5 Carlos 12344 6 Goofy 12345 scores table id score man_no 1 12 12340 2 5 12341 3 0 12342 1st query $query = "SELECT * FROM names'"; $result = mysqli_query($dbc, $query); ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)); $name = $row["name"]; $mat_no = $row["man_no"]; 2nd query $query = "SELECT * FROM scores WHERE man_no='$man_no'"; $result = mysqli_query($dbc, $query); ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)); $man_no = $row["man_no"]; Then var_dump($score); gives me string '12' (length=2) string '5' (length=1) string '0' (length=1) null null null Now, here is my question: The Names table will always have people who do not have scores as the scores are added when available. The first query gets the man numbers and using the man numbers, queries for each man number's associated score, returning nill where a score is unavailable. What I want is to get a result set that only incldes scores available in mysql without the null values, a way to avoid null values in the result set. I am still learning joints so I do ask that your help deals with individual queries as I am not yet at a I can use joins. Is it possible to restrict mysql results to only when an entry is available in MySQL. In the above example, is there a clause I can add to the query to only return results where a value was found? Or may be killing the null values after the query? I could not find a way to kill them! My aim is to have: string '12' (length=2) string '5' (length=1) string '0' (length=1)
  4. Hey I'm creating a small system for a high school project, and I need to be able to control content on the front end from the back end. I've hooked most of it up successfully however now I have a small dilemma. How it works is you edit a "website layout" page, which shows you raw HTML (shown below) and you put in a bb code of "[element=title]" for example, and this is then converted into a function which displays the content of that database entry... These elements are then individually edited. However, I now have the need to display some PHP in elements... For example, as seen below, determining what menu you see depending on your level of access or if you're signed in... BUT... When this get's to the output: My PHP is a string... Any suggestions? Thanks...
  5. Hey! I got Insert into table Name and Content but when I add into name it switches place with content. So name -> Content and Content -> Name :/ Anyone knows a fix or what's wrong?
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