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Found 4 results

  1. The current infinite scroll script I have works great by it self. The masonry script I have works as well by itself. However when I combine them both, they won't work. I am wondering if there is an infinite scroll script that would work with Masonry?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to make a infinite picture cycle in jQuery; I know how to do it in Javascript but cross-referencing languages would be a little bit more harder so I'm wondering if they're a way I can do this in jQuery? Here's what I've attempted to do but doesn't work :/ Any ideas? Thanks. <script> $.seq = function() { $(this).fadeIn(2000); $(this).delay(5000); $(this).fadeOut(300, function() { $(this).next().seq(); }); return this; }; $(document).ready(function() { $("#picture_main_1").seq(); $("#picture_main_2").seq(); $("#picture_main_3").seq(); $("#picture_main_4").seq(); }); </script>
  3. Hi, I want to scrolling down all posts in homepage. I have installed this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/infinite-scroll/. But i could't configure the CSS settings in the infinite-scroll setting for my theme. Here is my site http://www.adventureseeker.org/ Need help. Thanks in advance. Regards.
  4. Hi guys. I've built an application for my company, and everyone likes it, but on some of the "events" they create, there is an infinite loop. It doesn't always happen, so i was investigate the 'else' part of it. I've looked over the script a few times over the past few months, not religiously until today. i still can't seem to find the issue. Can someone please help me? <?php $rowtot=0; while($rowtot<count($resultsIOCC['IOCC'])){ foreach ($resultsIOCC['IOCC'] as $IOCC ) { if( $IOCC->ioccCostID == $Cost->CostID ) { if( ($IOCC->ioccLabor + $IOCC->ioccTravel + $IOCC->ioccMileage) > 0 ) { $rowtot = $IOCC->ioccLabor + $IOCC->ioccTravel + $IOCC->ioccMileage; echo money_format('$%i',$rowtot) . '<br>'; $rowstot += $rowtot; } else { echo "$" . number_format("0", 2) . '<br>'; $rowstot = ($rowstot + 0); } } $rowtot++; } } ?> I can post more of it if necessary, but I believe it's in this part of the script. I know the script is not very "professional" looking and the variables are terribly named (like rowstot and rowtot), but it was a learning experience at the time, I didn't know PHP and it was my first project.
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