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Web, game, or software development?

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Web Development
    • Game Development
    • Software Development

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[quote author=roopurt18 link=topic=99891.msg552825#msg552825 date=1173972714]
Web based applications are the future of programming as far as business goes IMO.  They're easier to set up, maintain, and deploy than any server based program.

Not to mention cheaper and easier to maintain updates and licensing for them! I agree 100% that this is where the future of business is headed.

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[quote author=Nameless12 link=topic=99891.msg552197#msg552197 date=1173904149]
I prefer solving problems\proofs of concepts and elegant solutions than the above list the details of the complete implementation bore me to death.

You should meet my dad. That's all he loves to do.

Anyway, I choose web development. That's all I know. I tried game development before, but its way to hard and impossible... :P

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I actualy work "correcting other's b*** s***" and it's too boring, sometimes it makes me LOL, sometimes it drives me crazy, sometimes I wanna cry.

People do very uggly things...

It's no fun correcting other's codes...

And also there's no fun in "back-office" software development.

I find corporate thing too boring.

I don't like doing things that are not funny... but now what i need is money :(

I also like to teach people. It's very nice to see people learning, growing, doing more than they could do.

If I could live only moderating and maintaining a help forum or something like that, it would be nice...

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