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Shady website


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Here is more:


Found this is my Hotmail.



*do da da* opps I'm idiot and accidental clicked on this.

Result, hmmm.


Unable to connect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at ea76/.hicofcg/.cn.




Also as you see imagechicken.com could block China and make it harder for the chinese spammer  to upload that spam image, to be used for spamming. You can see where this is going. Its a clear message.

*Clean up your network or be blocked*



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I found a easy to use firewall for Windows to protect you from these shady websites that are usually hosted in "x" country. http://www.peerblock.com  and you can download the IP ranges of any country at http://iblocklist.com and configure it. 


You can actually use HOSTS file to do exactly same thing, with one less process eating your memory.

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You can actually use HOSTS file to do exactly same thing, with one less process eating your memory.


Thats not going to work, becuase you have to know the domain before the fact. By that time its too late. The spammer/hackers will use new domains all the time, the hosts file only acts on the DNS level.

Firewall blocks IP addresses not domain names. As for china, I'm blocking that place on my computer. I'm sick of opening emails and seeing images being loaded from chinese hosted sites that pictures of pills. Click on that stuff and getting viruses. I'm completly sovling the problem here with a hammer. :D

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Distadvantage of HOSTS file is mainly inability to block ranges of IPs/domains.


I'm just browsing through 'level1' list on ipblocklist.com and I love how it blocks mostly Police, Ministry of Justice and other related government agencies and Polish artists' and authors' federation. I guess these are domains most likely to hijack your PC :D


Anyway, as you might guess large part of sites I visit is not in US or UK.


Best advice I can give is to run a firewall in an interactive mode, have an up to date antivirus and be cautious whenever someone tries to encourage you to install stuff.

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