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I've noticed turning off JScript has some notable benefits.


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PHPFreaks used to seem to load in like .8 seconds. Now its instant.


No pop-ups. No viruses.


Its like freedom! Only disadvantage is that I can't press the smileys. :angry:


Try turning off your Jscript today and reap the considerable advantages! (Personally, I never liked sites with Jscript in the first place anyhow.)

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PugJR is on to something though, there is lately a lot of viruses.  I've been using NoScript for Firefox for the past year.

This would protect you from most virus hacks.  Plain HTML cannot make you download  virus  but JavaScript can.

I only allow Javascript for trusted sites. But most of the sites I view have Javascript disabled now.  Btw you see how many sites are badly coded, menu in stranges places etc. without javascript. lol  :D


btw PugJR, don't confuse Jscript with Javascript, and same that Java is not Javascript. All are  completely different things. Jscript created by Microsoft as an alternative for Javascript. Only Internet Explorer has it.

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Of course it'll be faster when you disable things. I'll also use less system resources if I boot into a terminal and don't start any graphical environment on my computer.


Is that possible to disable the graphics in Windows while its boots? My windows is not slow, it does take about 60 seconds to boot. But I do have a Quad Core Phenom, AM2+ mobo and 4GB of ram with a HD 3870.

But I would prefer if it booted in half that time.  :P


one of the most annoying APPs on your computer that boots, is MSN messenger, seriously remove that garbage asap from autoloading on startup, even on my computer it makes the boot take 5 mintues. gawd I hate that application. But my sister when she comes over my house and uses my computer keeps installing it! >.<

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