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Hey all,
Just had a quick question for you. I have a client that has a few sites built in ColdFusion now and wants another one done. I quoted them for PHP/MySQL (obviously) and they asked if it could be done in ColdFusion. I haven't done anything in CF before, but I downloaded it and checked out a few samples and it just looks like advanced HTML. So I guess my question would be should i pursue this project and learn CF on the fly, or say forget it. Also some pros and cons of CF and a compairison to PHP.

I would like to learn some CF just because there is a call for it, but I would like your input.

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From what I understand... and what little CF I've seen, it basically programs like XML.  It's rather bloated and not as easy to use as PHP, hence why I've never really learned it.  Unless they're willing to pay a lot, I'd pass.
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It's basically one of the easiest languages to learn.  However it runs slow, for instance, as just one example
if you look at the pricing engine on amerisave.com and look at one of the ones on another mortgage website done in asp.  Then when we are done, with the one in php, the only one I have seen in php, once our pricing engine is done, take a look at the speed, when they do practically the same thing.  it is like a 45 second difference atleast, it is nothing compared to the 2 primary programming languages but it's fun.
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