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Not sure where to put this, as I can't find the appropriate forum for this, but here goes......


I found this in a URL, like for example: http://www.somesite/somedirectory/'+p+' in my error log


Apparently someone or something from Germany thinks that is a page.


If I look it up in google in combination with several variances of the url or parts of the url, a lot of Russian and Iranian sites pop up with references towards joomla. By the way for clarity sake, I don't use Joomla nor any rss feed, or any other php based CMS.


Does anyone happen to know what it means? Is someone trying to make a sad attempt to hack into a rss-feed that doesn't exist? Or trying to abuse a deprecated function in php? Or trying to abuse a leak of joomla? Or is it something else?


I decided to block this IP with htaccess just in case.


Any help or directions would be much appreciated. I'm really curious to know what this is.

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I see those 404s frequently on some sites I maintain, and I can guarantee you they are completely different from your site in every way possible.


The conclusion I reached was that somebody wrote a buggy spider (heh) and just hasn't realized it's broken, but if somebody else knows more I'd like to hear too.

A bug such as

string p = "page";
//string url = "http://www.example.com/somedirectory/index.html";
string url = "http://www.example.com/somedirectory/'+p+'/index.html";

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hmmm a buggy spider


perhaps so...


though it keeps coming back on occasion and it doesn't identify itself as a search spider, like for instance google, yahoo, yandex or baidu


I really wish to know what this is. Google isn't much of a help I'm afraid.

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