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Getting error 1064 on this. I don't really understand why:


update ds
set ds.status = 99
from status ds
join orders_products op on ds.order_prod_id = op.id
join orders o on op.order_id = o.id
and o.guid = 'someGUID'


Trying to update fields in the "status" table when I know the GUID of an order.



ORDERS table




What am I missing?

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OP decided to PM me this:

"mysql error numbers are always followed by the same message. Just google it."


Look, you come here asking for us to help you. The error messages contain things like LINE NUMBERS which will depend on your actual code. It also tells you what part of the code is failing. The error number is USELESS, the actual error contains specific information.


Furthermore, you want ME to google something in order to help YOU? That's not how it works. If you want help, you give all the info you can.


Like I said. " If you refuse to let people help you don't be surprised when you don't get help."


This time you figured it out. Good for you. Next time, don't be surprised when no one wants to help you.

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You can repeat it all you want, but you're missing the point.


1. I'll go ahead and let you know - I am calm. You are adding a tone to my posts that simply doesn't exist. Telling me to calm down multiple times makes it look like you are kind of freaking out however.

2. Yes, you found your solution. What you're missing out on is how to ask for help. You seem to think that saying "google the error number" is an appropriate way to ask for help. It's not. As I pointed out, the error number does not contain any actual information about your specific problem. Before you say it again - yes, I *know* that you solved this problem. When you run into another MySQL error, you should try to remember that the actual error message contains that specific information which will help people debug your problem. It would have been easy to let you know that the syntax was wrong - but the error message already does that. Part of what people do on this board is help people learn how to debug their own code, so they can learn and grow.


PS: calm down.


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