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Seeking friends for a "geek" team


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Well, it doesn't have to be anything new. Anything you feel that showcases your talent would be enough. Are there any old/not finished projects that you could show?


Recruiting people online is difficult because there's no way for anyone to actually judge your character or ability without seeing some sort of proof. It's easier to do it in person because it's easier to just talk or show sketches on-the-fly, and dialogue and direct interaction means a lot.


Having seen what you sent me in the PM, I think you do quality work. I, myself, don't have the time to dive into a new project, but I think what I saw of yours is good.


Would you be willing to post your current employer's site as an example of the overall quality you provide? I followed the link in the footer of what you showed me, and seems similar enough in terms of look and feel for a general idea.


The link in the footer you followed is not my employer's site, but a "virtual" business I have built that I use as a portfolio. I work in a great international company as an I.T. also and in parallel I create websites and graphics for others and for me.


I am very busy also to dive into a new project. I want to build this community slowly, in my free time along with other people that would like to share the same ideas. I have much to offer but I want to be as much sure as I can for the people.

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I think that because you haven't articulated that you HAVE a project to work on, all you've said is you want to talk to people. You don't want to put in several months of work to attract people, you just want to talk to people now.

I wasn't saying it as an insult.

I also didn't start a new thread, I replied to Kevin.


Honestly, YOU make no sense.


How do you meet unknown people that you would like to cooperate to something ? I suppose by talking. Can't see what is wrong with talking.

I have many projects that I work on but I didn't mention something about my projects or "recruiting people to work for me". I mentioned a private community that everyone would offer his/her knowledge to the other. So the main subject here is quality knowledge exchange.

And you are right, I want to talk to people now to have a chance to form a team.


I didn't mean to offend you, so there is no reason to be sarcastic.

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Once again: It wasn't an insult, I didn't say there was anything wrong with it, and I'm not being sarcastic. Stop reading into my text and just read it.


If you say it to help, well thanks. It's good to hear your opinion and Kevin's too. It's helping me to see what's wrong with my request here.

No offence here.

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