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PHP login and registration formulier with a html index


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$connectie = mysql_connect($serverxx.xxxwebhost.com,xxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxx) or die($error);

This is not correct....

Did you know how strings works, and how you can use variables outside quotes?


I think it's a beter idea to wait with MySQL-functions...


For a normal contact-form you don't have to use a mysql-database.


Using a MySQL database is a way too far for a beginner..... ;)

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And this is the link.

   <li><a href="Page2.html">Nieuw hier?</a></li>
   <li><a href="#">Contact</a></li>

I tryed very much times to look if it was better with another link, but that don`t helped..

Nieuw hier? must go to Page2.html, and Contact is going to the index right now, so you don`t see any different with page when you click on Contact because it is made on that page, and there is no problem with..

It must lay on the connect script..



Here must be the problem..

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What's this for doctype. I don't ever see them... haha

But is not the reason for your 404-error, but it's yet incorrect. You better to use the correct HTML5 doctype.


I see when i filled in your login-form a 404. loginv.php this is your action, and it's not uploaded, or the filename is incorrect.


But please work first at your contact-form, you don't have a working link for them.

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I got a 404-error?

I see the page page3.html will be exists, but it isn't the contactpage.


Be care about characters are case-sensitive...
On Windows is this no problem, but most webhosters are using Linux, and they're case-sensitive.


I can recommend to use clear filenames. Page3.html say's nothing about the content.

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Please use clear filenames....


Did you know in a few years where you had your contactpage? "Was it Page3.html, page 6.htm of page2.html"... ;)

Call it as an example contact.html...


And where is your contactpage? Without contactpage we cannot go.......

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