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PHP login and registration formulier with a html index


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Use this as the formtag:

<form action="mailto:your@mailadress.com" method="POST" enctype="text/plain">

An a few tips:
- Your CSS is not installed correctly, i can recommend to place this in a single-stylesheet (*.css)

- Your doctype is still incorrect.
- You 'd better to use labels and fieldsets for your form.

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thank you, i changed the form.


i know.. but i don`t like css in another page, i can`t work with that.. sorry..


what is not correct in my doctype..?


i know how that must.. but before i go change it.. why is that better..if i may ask that..?

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The doctype is still not correct:

<!DOCTYPE html


And why are you placing the CSS in the body?

Why do you don't use fieldset's and labels in HTML?

Where is your mailto: handler?

I have written a few tips... try them....

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i gonna try it.

i have changed <!DOCTYPE html to <!DOCTYPE.html>


because i hate it when css is in another page...?


i gonna use the fieldsets and labels in the contact page i start now,.

mailto is a link from your mail or not?


edit, i have labels, and fieldset right now.

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And now your mailto: handler, so you can sent mails from your contactpage.

CSS is very important, without CSS yout can't make a good style in your site.

When you hate it:

- Learn it, and don't hate it

- Stop with building sites ;-)

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how do you mean with mailto handler?

The formulier must send it to my mail.. there is this for or not?



<form action="myemailadres@hotmail.com" method="POST" enctype="text/plain">


I know i know.. i know how i must made it, but i am scared that all the css gonna change from page you know..?

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You can add a alert or a innerhtml function on a onClick-event at your submitbutton

How.. you can use Google...

I think it's better to  make more experience with HTML. With no/less experience, Programming in PHP is a way too far. Remember that all is far from possible, given your little experience. All you need namely to learn. And you have to have understanding.

I can recommand these steps:
- Learn HTML and CSS, and how to build a semantic website. This takes a few months..

- Then learn the basics of Javascript.
- Learn possibly the stuff about jQuery.../

- Learn PHP...

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It's a way between learning PHP (where you're not yet ready) and learning HTML.
First, learn HTML and CSS. And when you can build a good sementic site, you can
acquire knowledge to make a text, which you can see after pressing the submit button.


After all, you have to start somewhere with it? later you can still expand it! :-)

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