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PHP login and registration formulier with a html index


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thank you, i gonna try it

I gonna recommend it. My colleague has contributed to this website... and on several school this is the way how students can learn the practice.

Accept it, that it take a long time. but step by step you knowledge will be extending.

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'subject' is not al valid attribute in HTML. See your <form> tag....

it's possible in a request:



And can you clearder about your CSS-problem?


What do you want??

What have you tried?

What have you as code??

This are the three W's which you must answer to ask a question om forums, like this.

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i don`t understand..? this is what must be not good, i did it like a explain websit..?



<form action="mailto:email@hotmail.com" subject="formulier" method="post">


i just want each page another css..like now..

i have tryed this and i have tryed with a css page like style.css.

this is my css code from contact:



<style type="text/css">
 body {
    color: black;
    width: 828px;
    margin: auto;
    background-color: #FAEBD7 }

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Again: Subject is NOT a valid attibute. It must be added to your mailadress as i say in my previous post.
Keep an eye on this formtopic well, several question of you are already answered here...



Why do you want for each page a new CSS? You can make a CSS for all of your pages

You can still embed this in a *.css-file. So you have the control over it in a single file (the stylesheet)

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hmm.. i don`t know..

i gonna try it..


edit, did i do it good?

i maked it how you say that it must be.


sorry. but about the subject i just not understand..what you mean.. it is not a subject.. but what than?

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There is no attibute called 'subject'. Remove this.....


And the stylesheet belongs in your head-section of your HTML-document.


And i'm wondering why the .css files of contact en index.html are not indentically?
I think the whole site has an own design.

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i have learned it, what is the next step/stap?

LOL....Are you kidding me?!?!?!


Did you have done all the 13+6 excercises from '1) Introduction to HTML'?

This is only the stuff to make a page with headings, links and images. To less to build a good website.


Step 2 is: 2) HTML Structure: Using Lists

And go futher.. and further.. and further.. etc...

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