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Tutorials on CakePHP?


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Which is the most popular framework?

Not sure. I'm not aware of any accurate metrics for such things. You can tell that they're in favor by looking at job listings, Stack Overflow questions, Twitter rumblings, talking with developers, that sort of thing.


You can't go wrong with either, and since they're both modern MVC frameworks, the skills you obtain in learning one will transfer to the other. So, look at their sites and documentation, and pick the one that you think you'd like the most.

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I agree with KevinM1. In the near future there's only going to be 2, maybe 3 dominant frameworks; Symfony2, Laravel, and last and least Zend2. Laravel in all honesty is very good, but it lacks the maturity and widespread use that Symfony2 has managed to establish. Having said that, you get the feeling Laravel is going to be pretty big in the future.


The next year or two of framework wars will be interesting as they push each other.

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