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getting $_GET in a framework


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hey guys im having a bit of trouble getting $_GET in my framework. now the ony way to get query from a url such as:





 i have to use $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] unless im doing something wrong?



[REQUEST_URI] => /bisi/user/activate-account?email_address=test&token=test


by doing this:


all i get is :



Array ( [uri] => user/activate-account )


just concerned im doing something wrong?...any advise on this please guys.


was thinking of doing something like this in my request

public function get_query($name = null)
		$uri = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
		if (parse_url($uri, PHP_URL_QUERY))
			$query = explode("?", $uri);
			$query = explode("&", $query[1]);
			$array = array();
			foreach ($query as $string)
				$string = explode("=", $string);
				$query_name   = $string[0];
				$query_value  = $string[1];			
				$array[$query_name] = $query_value;
// $_GET[$query_name] = $query_value; possibly?
			if ($name !== null &&
		        array_key_exists($name, $array))
				return $array[$name];
			return $array;
		return null;




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The values in $_GET is strange, no doubt. Perhaps spending some time trying to understand why that is happening.


In the meantime, this may be a (less-than-ideal) work-around:

$tmp1 = explode("?", $uri); // should give array([0] => '/bisi/user/activate-account', [1] => 'email_address=test&token=test')
$tmp2 = explode("&",$tmp1[1]); // should give array([0] => 'email_address=test', [1] => 'token=test')
foreach($tmp2 as $querystringKeyVal) {
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That rewrite rule removes the need for typical GET parameters by making your urls "pretty".


So instead of this:


You would use something more like:


Of course then you need some sort of "router" to parse and handle these parameters for you.


If this is your own framework you need to decide how your urls are going to be formed.

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The point I'm trying to make is why have the rewrite at all if you're just going to use normal querystring parameters? I understand you want to force everything through a front controller, but why stop there?


But yeah, you could just use the QSA flag to have apache append existing parameters.


RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?uri=$1 [PT,L,QSA]
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