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The hard drive ate too many badgers and became constipated.


Badgers? You think us insane?

Our questions, it seems, are in vain

Cos the senior staff

Seem to think it's a laugh

To look on the rest with disdain.

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I tried to connect to the IRC server

But it said you need not bother

Server is down, probably forever

Heartbroken, I cried for an hour
Half an hour later
IRC is still down.

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The admin are new to their reign,

So this IRC thing is a pain.

Despite all the docs, persistent flummox,

It's enough to drive one insane. 


.. but seriously, did y'all just try turning it on again? 

Or is the restart command too arcane?

It's really not that hard to maintain..

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Are there any plans to offer an explanation for the blackout?

It appears that the server or vps that mysql was running on ran out of diskspace. Eric solved it for now but few of the current staff have access to that server. I had access at one point but someone either removed my user account or removed my key. Is thorpe or daniel0 still active? If I am not mistaken daniel was the one that setup the irc server and he would probably be the best one to contact regarding that problem.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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