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how to make my website fast ?


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That is a vague question.


Is many variables to them that could make them slower. By default they are fast.


A big helper would be to cache the results or pages somehow.

Optimize queries and create an index for the database.

Only fetch data you are using

Don't load lots of images or large ones, cache smaller thumbnail versions of them when can.


Use gzip or any other compression for js and css


Can test your pages out here and try to find out what is making it slow.


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I see a lot of people running queries in loops - those are sure to kill performance. Here is what I would suggest:


Create an array of values to measure the load time at specific points in the page creation. Then output the results so you can see how long each step in the process takes. Here is a quick example



$timings = array();
$timings['start'] = microtime(true);
//Code to load include files goes here
$timings['load_includes'] = microtime(true);
//Code to run some DB operations
$timings['run_db'] = microtime(true);
//Code to build the page
$timings['build_page'] = microtime(true);
//Page execution done, create output to show times to complete each step
$last = false;
foreach($timings as $processDesc => $timing)
    if($last != false)
        $processTime = $timing - $last;
        echo "{$desc}: {$processDesc}<br>\n";
    $last = $timing;
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topic say it all

i want some tips to make my website load fast ??


1. Remove any PHP / Server Side code

2. Strip out any <img> tags

3. Strip out any <script> tags

4. Strip out any <link> tags to CSS files


Job done. Should run like lightning!

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Follow and do some following steps these beneficial step might be work :

1. Simplicity– Make the page outline straightforward. Maybe a couple pictures and content. In any case, you likely need wealthier parts on your site.

2. Combination– Taking all the scripts and heaping them into a solitary script and, correspondingly, joining all CSS into a solitary template.

3. Think about actualizing as a substance conveyance system (CDN).

4. Actualize new picture configurations to decrease the extent of your pictures.

5. Assess your plugins.

6.Combine pictures into CSS sprites.

7.Enable pressure.

8. Utilization lapses headers

9. Minify JavaScript and CSS.

10. Audit your facilitating supplier and bun

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Pagespeed depends on different factors. Dont load it with heavy files, themes, etc. Maybe it happened 'cause of hosting.  I decided to use a CDN when the quantity of visitors grown up to 3000 per day. And it helped in my case.I use CDNsun they are low cost, they have an extensive network and help with integration

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