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  1. 1. Remove any PHP / Server Side code 2. Strip out any <img> tags 3. Strip out any <script> tags 4. Strip out any <link> tags to CSS files Job done. Should run like lightning!
  2. Yep, too true. They need to step out, take a walk to their bank, cancel their credit cards and ask to be issued with another. Also, take a trip to the estate agents to buy a new house in order to get a new address, go to local government to obtain the forms for a name change (deed poll in the uk), and if they have time, stop at an Internet cafe to get a new email address. I know it's quite a lot but that's what the terms & conditions are for downloading the latest Call of Duty Black Ops map pack.
  3. If working with PHP you should opt for MySQL as your storage engine. Here is a complete tutorial. http://articles.sitepoint.com/article/php-gallery-system-minutes
  4. For dedicated servers I would like to add OVH http://www.ovh.co.uk/products/dedicated_offers.xml We have about 5 of these servers running CentOS.
  5. Its a good film. Saw it on Sky the other month.
  6. You should get into the habbit of renaming files when they are uploaded through a web form. A good option is to use an md5 hash on a filename so it becomes unique. This is done at the point of upload and then the filename can be saved to your database. This is irrelevant.
  7. Stick to freelance work first to build a portfollio
  8. Simple. Get a wireless router. Connect it to your phone line with the broadband on. Any PC, games console you have with wireless technology will connect to it.
  9. Thats also from Gears of War http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Gears_of_War_characters#Marcus_Fenix God i'm a geek. LOL.
  10. Can you not login to each server via SSH? Just dump the entire database from the source server using 'mysqldump'. FTP it over to the target server and then restore it. This is a job to be done through the command line. Forget programs like phpMyAdmin.
  11. Keldorn, this is for you [attachment deleted by admin]
  12. Trialing DWCS4. Couldn't get used to netbeans. Happy so far. The code colouring is far better than any other IDE. Too much customising in netbeans.
  13. Answer 1. You rub your hands together till they are really sore 2. You take the saw and cut the table in half 3. Two halves make a whole 4. You climb through the hole and escape simple
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