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Hey guy's my body has a few social media site and want's to merge them all in one.

i extracted all the username and emails from all DB

i need to insert the username and email in the new database and once that is done take the userID an isert it in 4 other databases

so the first step is user then the others are for profiles and settings..if i don't do it the user lands on a 404 since the profile was not created..

is there a way to do this automated..

i inserted the usernames in Database Dump on the same server

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Do you know that the new users' emails are unique? They don't already exist in the database you're inserting into?


If that is true then you can do this an easier way: do one mass INSERT...SELECT into the user table with the new user records, then do four more INSERT...SELECT queries where you JOIN in the new and old user tables to get the user IDs.

(If that's not true then you need to resolve that regardless, but it doesn't make this much more complicated. A temporary table of just the new users would be a really quick solution.)


Example? Here's the user table after you insert the new records.

-- INSERT INTO users (email, username) SELECT email, username FROM old_users

id | email             | username
 1 | alice@example.com | Alice   <- existing
 2 | bob@example.com   | Bob     <- existing
 7 | cindy@example.com | Cindy   <- new
 8 | david@example.com | David   <- new
7 and 8 are new.


Here's the profiles table before adding new records.

user_id | name        | age
      1 | Alice Baker | 19
      2 | Bob Smith   | 25
The query to add to it:

INSERT INTO profiles (user_id, name, age)
SELECT u.id, op.name, op.age
FROM old_profiles op /* old profile data */
JOIN old_users ou ON op.user_id = ou.id /* get the email address to look up the new user record */
JOIN users u ON ou.email = u.email /* new user record has the new user ID */
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the database is new.so all the emails will be unique.


i have about 1200 emails..lol


so first step is insert into the user database


the select user id from the database and insert into the profile and others..


but i need to add them individually..not all in one table.

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ok let me restart..sometimes i tend to right what i think in my own words..lol



ok i extracted usernames and emails from databases.

now we installed a new script and we want to import the username and emails in that main database.

so this script it needs the main user table to have username and email a the date.

once that is done 


needs to have the id generated from user table inserted.

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