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Congratulations to Barand on 1000 likes


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Our resident SQL guru Barry "Barand" Andrews, who recently surpassed the 1k "like" mark -- a first for any member of phpfreaks.


The "like" mechanism is a relatively recent addition to the site, making it that much more impressive.


Phpfreaks has always been a 100% volunteer effort. People like Barand are what makes this site the amazing place it is, and they do so to help others learn and achieve their goals.


A number of our members have been visiting the site on a weekly basis for over a decade. Barry is one of those incredible people, and I feel proud to be associated with the site thanks to regulars like Barry who have kept the community alive through its many ups and downs over the years.


I hope you'll join me in congratulating Barry on this milestone, and in thanking him for sharing his expertise with so many people over the years.

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I love Barand.  He has helped me out of a bind so many times while I'm trying to learn mySQL and sometimes even php.  I've probably been on this site for 10+ years now, but off and on as I have not always been actively coding.


What I really like about Barand is that often times when asking for help, some people will say, "Why are you doing it this way?" where Barand just gives you the answer. He's always very helpful!

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