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mysql construct to apply multiple fields to a single like

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Still new.  Off topic - not really php?  Hope not.  Who else knows mysql like the php crowd.


I find this clause  construct in many places on this new site:

and t2.keyword like concat('%', :bc11, '%')
 or t2.name    like concat('%', :bc12, '%')
 or t2.des     like concat('%', :bc13, '%')

He's trying to find the search term anywhere in any of the 3 fields.  bc11, bc12 and bc13 are binding 'keys' that receive identical values.  Is there a way to build this something like this:?

and any (t2.keyword, t2.name, t2.des) like concat('%', :bc11, '%')

I had to make up something my self :-).  Thanks.


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I don't you can concat substitute parms. But you can make the values behind those parms work by concatenating the % to the values you assign to those parms.

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If you are doing wildcard searches, using LIKE, you are stuck with the long version I'm afraid. Alternative is FULLTEXT index search.


(Moving to MySql forum)

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